Ms.Atlanta Thick Dream

Confidence Coach and Love Goddess

Whether you choose to call her a Intimacy Coach or Intimacy Advocate. Dream carries with her over two decades of knowledge on self love,confidence,sex and intimate relations. Some consider her virtual sessions therapy and somewhat healing. A Medical Assistant by trade,Wellness Advocate,Psychology buff, along with being a true confident kinkster Dream combines these elements to intrigue her audience.  

The Web Entertainer

Since 2007, the alluring web actress Ms. Atlanta Thick~Dream~has been performing on the internet as "Dream Johnson"/"ThickDream".  A confident,sensual, relatable, humorous, and witty persona who grew a fan base from her adult fiction erotic Yahoo blog. It was her readers, who encouraged her to explore video and web modeling work, only after she had endured a major life crisis. Apprehensive and shy at first. Despite that,it did not take Dream long to find her own niche in the web entertainment industry.  Dream has inspired many with not only her personality and courage,but with her wisdom,her diversity, and realness.  Not afraid to wear many titles from consultant,poetess, actress, blogger, comedian, voice talent, promo model, foot model muse and curvy fetish model. Dream truly embraces all of her talents.